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BERKO fine art print

Pioneer of modernist photography

Photographer Ferenc Berko is internationally recognized for his innovative contributions to the movement of abstract black and white color photography. In the late 1940s, Berko made Aspen his home and captured its transformation from a mining and ranching community into a cosmopolitan ski town. His work is found in museums and private collections worldwide.

Ferenc Berko - Pioneer of Modernist Photography
Ferenc Berko - Pioneer of Modernist Photography

BERKO fine art prints

Honoring Aspen’s beauty and history

Featuring a BERKO in your home infuse it with modernist art and local savvy. Posthumous archival giclée fine art prints are made by our master printer and authenticated by the Berko Estate.

Ferenc Berko Biography

“I consider Ferenc Berko to be one of the significant photographers of our profession.”

-André Kertész, photographer
Ferenc Berko

"Ferenc Berko’s early abstractions of nature strike the beholder as a novel experience.”

– Helmut Gernsheim, photo historian

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